How To Avoid Lightning Bolts on Your Solar Farm - Connecting Solar Panels and DC Cables The Right Way

Connecting Solar Panels
When connecting the solar modules, you should make sure you're not enclosing a polygon with the circuit (string).

Coz that creates an electromagnetic field which can attract lightning bolts. And we wanna avoid that, don't we?

We're talking about the DC cables which take the plus and minus poles from the string down to the inverters.

How to connect solar panels

So after you connect the modules, and form a string, you take, say, the plus pole and connect it to the inverter (extend the DC circuit with a cable). Then you take the minus pole, extend it with another cable, and you follow back the string until you reach the plus; then you follow the plus to the inverter.

To make it simpler, think that you have to always keep the plus near the minus. In other words, you must keep a tight loop (at all times and in each point along the way) between the minus cable and the plus cable.

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