Why Solar Cells Are More or Less Like Batteries and How To Connect The Cells

Solar Cells and Batteries - A Comparison
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If you want to build your own solar panel, consider the solar cells as being batteries, stacked on top of each other.

But of course, you cannot stack the cells. Doing that means only the first cell will get sunlight, thus the others won't produce electricity.

That's why the cells are laminated horizontally and connected together with silver tape. The face of each cell is connected with the back of the next cell. So just as the PV panels are connected into an electrical string, the cells themselves are connected in a similar way - adding up voltage and power.

The beauty of the cells consists of the photovoltaic effect - you know the energy won't run out as long as you have daylight. Unlike batteries which you must buy from the store; then throw them away once they're empty.

Connecting Solar Cells

So there you have it. Now you you know why those flat wires within solar panels run above and then underneath the cells.

Connect your solar cells as you'd connect your panels on your solar farm.

Stay green and cycle when driving is not necessary.

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