MontaVent Solar Mounting System - Video

PV Panels Mounting System - MontaVent
If the drop-and-slide solar mounting system is too heavy for your warehouse roof, you can choose the MontaVent system.

This system is lighter due to a few factors:

  • Aluminum profiles are shorter (not continuous)
  • Profiles have less "meat" so they're lighter
  • No bolts are used; profiles are riveted onto the corrugated (trapezoidal) roof
Solar Mounting System - MontaVent

The photovoltaic modules rest on the profiles and the small spacers slide laterally onto the profiles until they reach the panel. The spacers have these rims which cover the frame of the panel, keeping it in place.

You may wonder what keeps the panels from sliding downwards.

Well, each panel has two rings, on the back of the frame, which act as stoppers.

Stopper Ring in the Frame of a Solar Panel

Just as the MontaVent (Swiss company) guys say it, it's probably the fastest mounting system for metal roofs. But, since we worked with this system in Belgium in 2009, we can say it's not exactly the fastest.

That's because after a certain number of roof crimps, you have to readjust the position of the profiles to make sure the panels will actually rest on them. You either have to make some calculations or better yet, create a pattern (from a wood piece or an aluminum stock piece) and walk across the roof with it, to know for certain where you have to skip a few crimps.

However, the extra weight you eliminate (compared to other mounting solutions) makes it a good system to work with.

Check out the video below for a demonstration.

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