A Simple Solar Panels Mounting System for Corrugated Iron Rooftops or How To Install 3000 Modules in 3 Days

Photovoltaic Panels Mounting System for Corrugated Iron Roofs
Solar panels are incredibly versatile so anyone can now mount a few (or a few thousands) on their rooftop. In the end, it's a form of free energy and we all want that, right?

So which mounting system do you choose if your warehouse (or factory) has corrugated iron rooftops?

How To Choose The Best Generator

Electric Generator Review
No matter how much we love green energy, we're still highly dependent on fossil fuels for our massive energy needs.

The problem, per se, is not that we cannot produce clean energy. Oh no! We can produce infinite amounts through hydro, soar and wind. The real issue is storing this green energy.

Solar Panels Stolen? Do This Next Time - A Simple Trick To Discourage Thieves

Anti Theft System for Solar Panels
It happens. Solar panels get stolen.

Especially on remote greenfield sites or on industrial rooftop solar farms where there's not much happening over the weekend. If there's nobody around, it's easy for thieves to come and simply steal your PV panels.

So, if you're using Allen bolts (Inbus) to fasten the clamps that hold your panels, here's a simple trick you can do to make it harder for thieves:

Mad Like Tesla Book Review? Hell No. This Is Personal.

Mad Like Tesla Book Cover
So I read Mad Like Tesla. (Buy it on Book Depository if you want free shipping worldwide).

Now, if you work in the green energy industry, you may wanna read it as well. Just to get an idea of what may come (if everything goes as planned for the underdog engineers and inventors).

The book is full of easy to read stories. A nice treat for your curious brain, even if you're on on holiday.

That was the review.

This article is not about the book though. It's about my lack of enthusiasm for any of the green energy solutions presented in the book. We'll get to that later.

MontaVent Solar Mounting System - Video

PV Panels Mounting System - MontaVent
If the drop-and-slide solar mounting system is too heavy for your warehouse roof, you can choose the MontaVent system.

This system is lighter due to a few factors: