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A Simple Solar Panels Mounting System for Corrugated Iron Rooftops or How To Install 3000 Modules in 3 Days

Photovoltaic Panels Mounting System for Corrugated Iron Roofs
Solar panels are incredibly versatile so anyone can now mount a few (or a few thousands) on their rooftop. In the end, it's a form of free energy and we all want that, right?

So which mounting system do you choose if your warehouse (or factory) has corrugated iron rooftops?

Solar Panels Stolen? Do This Next Time - A Simple Trick To Discourage Thieves

Anti Theft System for Solar Panels
It happens. Solar panels get stolen.

Especially on remote greenfield sites or on industrial rooftop solar farms where there's not much happening over the weekend. If there's nobody around, it's easy for thieves to come and simply steal your PV panels.

So, if you're using Allen bolts (Inbus) to fasten the clamps that hold your panels, here's a simple trick you can do to make it harder for thieves:

MontaVent Solar Mounting System - Video

PV Panels Mounting System - MontaVent
If the drop-and-slide solar mounting system is too heavy for your warehouse roof, you can choose the MontaVent system.

This system is lighter due to a few factors:

Cable Tray Solution for Solar Farms on Membrane Roofs

Cable Tray Solution for Membrane Roofs
If your warehouse, supermarket or factory has a membrane roof and you want to install a solar farm on it, you need a specific solution both for the modules as well as for the cable trays.

So here's an interesting solution to mount cable rails on membrane roofs.

Don't Have Room for Two Cable Rails (DC and AC)? Use a Cable Tray Separator - Video

Cable Tray Separator and DC Cables

Sometimes the site conditions don't allow you place two cable trays. And you normally need two of them:
  • one for DC cables coming from the solar modules to the inverters
  • one for AC cables coming out of the inverters to the AC box and further into a main power line
What do you do then?

A Lightweight Solar Solution for Corrugated Rooftops - SolBond Mounting System Review

Solar Mounting System for Corrugated Rooftops - SolBond by Solon

There is always a battle between saving some cash and making things more strong.

So when you built your warehouse or roofed parking lot, you probably had to take a lot of decisions that affected your establishment for the long term - cost wise and functionality wise.

A stronger roof structure or a light frame?

If a lightweight roof got approved by the construction engineers, you probably went with it. But in the current context of the very lucrative rooftop solar farms installations - the roof type dictates what solar mounting system you can use for your green energy site.