Cable Tray Solution for Solar Farms on Membrane Roofs

Cable Tray Solution for Membrane Roofs
If your warehouse, supermarket or factory has a membrane roof and you want to install a solar farm on it, you need a specific solution both for the modules as well as for the cable trays.

So here's an interesting solution to mount cable rails on membrane roofs.

As usual, parts are supplied by OBO Bettermann.

You'll need:
  • Sika activator (de-greaser) to clean the surface
  • Silicone
  • OBO discs 
  • OBO brackets
  • Membrane pieces and paint-type glue (optional)
How it works
  • Clean the membrane surface where the discs will be placed. 
  • Add silicone. Press the discs onto the silicone and make sure the silicone sticks out through the holes in the disc. Even out the silicone above the disc (with a spatula or with your fingers).
  • Glue the membrane pieces onto the discs (extra protection and waterproofing).
  • Leave it one to three days to harden and then mount the brackets and the cable trays.
Cable Tray Solution for Membrane Roof
Cable Tray on Membrane Roof
Cable Tray for Solar Farm on Membrane Rooftop
Solar Farm on Membrane Roof

Tip: Watch out not to step on nuts, brackets or any other sharp objects while working on membrane roofs. You don't wanna puncture the membrane.

Stay green and cycle to work!

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