A Simple Solar Panels Mounting System for Corrugated Iron Rooftops or How To Install 3000 Modules in 3 Days

Photovoltaic Panels Mounting System for Corrugated Iron Roofs
Solar panels are incredibly versatile so anyone can now mount a few (or a few thousands) on their rooftop. In the end, it's a form of free energy and we all want that, right?

So which mounting system do you choose if your warehouse (or factory) has corrugated iron rooftops?

One of the best system we worked with may be called slide and drop.

Solar Panels Mounting System for Corrugated Iron Rooftops

The principle is simple and the workflow is streamlined so this means you can mount the structure and your PV panels in just a few days. It took us three days to install 3000 modules with this system.

Here's how you do it:
  1. Stretch a rope for the first line of rails.
  2. Add pads on the high roof folds (this way the rails won't damage the roof or the paint).
  3. Place the first line of rails, bolting it on the roof with the smart clamps - colored red in the image above.
  4. Place the next lines of rails with a bunch of standard measures (pieces of metal cut at the same length).
  5. Bring the modules, slide them under the uphill rail and then drop them below the downhill rail.
And that's it. You're done.

Photovoltaic Panel Aluminum Rail and Clamp

The graphics above just explain the principle. Here are how the aluminum rails really look like.

Solar Panel Mounting Rails - Aluminum

  • Simple to mount
  • Fast because the rails are continuous (linked) so no need for extra measurements
  • Once the first line is in place - you're good to go regardless of the weather conditions
  • Apart from the weight, I can't think of anything else. The weight ads up from: rails, bolts, clamps, modules with aluminum frames. 
So yeah, it may not be the lightest system but it's ultra fast and convenient. Your solar farm has never been easier to install.

Over to you

Do you know any other smart and fast mounting systems for PV panels? If so, drop some links in the comments.

Stay green and abuse your bicycle as much as you can. :-)

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