Solar Panels Installation Services - Portfolio

Here's a part of our our work - installing large solar farms in Belgium, Germany and Europe in general. Scroll the page down for pictures and videos.

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Germany, Beelitz Rural Area - 167 kW - 578 solar modules

Germany, Berlin - 2500 modules

Germany, Berlin - 1200 modules

We work with a large contractor from Germany so we can supply everything for your solar investment:
  • solar modules
  • mounting systems
  • DC and AC cables
  • inverters, junction boxes, AC boxes
  • consultancy and assistance to help you deliver the energy into the grid
On some sites we only mounted the solar panels while some projects included cable work as well (MC 4 connectors, inverters, connection boxes, data cables, transformer shelter, etc.).

We also work during dark hours to meet your deadline.

Germany, Dresden area - 3000 solar modules

Belgium, Antwerp area - 3 sites: 7000, 3000 and 2500 modules

  • Leipzig area - 160 modules (40 kW) on rooftop (modules and cable work -  DC current )
  • Dresden area - 3000 modules on rooftop (modules and cable work - DC current )
  • Berlin - 4200 modules (1.1 MW) on rooftop (modules and cable wrok - DC current)
  • Mittelstrimmig - 5000 modules on ground (cable work only -  DC current and AC current)
  • Kinderbeuern - 8000 modules on ground  (cable work only -  DC current and AC current )
  • Antwerp - 12,500 modules on warehouse roofs (installing modules and cable work)
  • Ghimbav - Rara Logistics rooftop - 2200 modules (535 kW), inverters and DC cable work 

Fixing the Aluminum Rails for Solar Panels
Installing Solar Panels on Industrial Building Roof
Mounting Photo Voltaic Panels on Rooftop

Mounting Solar Panels
PV Panels on Warehouse Roof
Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

Solar Panels in Germany
Solar Panels Energy Farm in Germany
Solar Panels in Sunset Light

Mounting Solar Panels on Rooftop in Germany
Solar Panels on Warehouse Roof in Dresden, Germany
Sunset and Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines and Sunset
Wind Turbine - Green Energy
Solar Panels on Rooftop

PV Panels on Warehouse Rooftop
PV Panels on Roof in Belgium
Mounting Aluminum Structure for Solar Panels

Solar Panels on Warehouse Roof in Belgium
Photovoltaic Panels
Screwdriver and Aluminum PV Panels Structure

Rope Access on GSM Mast
Rope Access Work - Corrugated Iron Roofing
Rope Access on Metal Structure

Solar Panels Mounting System for Flat Roof
PV Panels Mounting Structure on Warehouse Roof
Solar Panels Structure on Flat Roof

PV Modules on Corrugated Iron Rooftop
Mounting PV Panels in Winter - Belgium
Unloading PV Panels on Roof with a Crane

Crane Loading PV Panels
Big Crane Unloading Solar Panels
Photovoltaic Modules on Flat Warehouse Roof

Photo voltaic Panels on Warehouse Roof

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