How To Charge Your Phone with a Portable Solar Panel - Video

Camping Solar Panel

Yeah, photovoltaic panels can power your off-the-grid home. But they're not limited to that.

You can now carry a small and light a portable solar panel to charge your gadgets (iPhone, iPod, trekking GPS, camera, etc.) while on the go.

I may be biased (since they sponsored me with gear), but if you wanna get yourself one of these, I recommend GoalZero. They're an American company based in Utah.

My favorite is the Nomad 7 solar panel. You can hang it onto your backpack and charge your small electronics wherever you may be - as log as you get sunshine or daylight (works on cloudy days as well).

It's ideal for short or long outdoor trips.

You can fully charge your GoPro HD camera in about 5 hours and a phone in about 2 hours. I think these are decent figures, considering you may be days away from civilization.

Actually, you can charge any kind of device as it has a 12 volt outlet (with a car adapter plug) and a USB port.

How the panels made are made

Just like the large ones, these small solar panels are made of silicon wafers which become photovoltaic cells through the manufacturing process.

Foldable Solar Panel - Nomad 7

Instead of laminating all cells in a single sheet, each cell is individually laminated. Then the cells are connected with wires and sewn into a Cordura fabric. Their construction allows you to fold your panel into a small pack.

Where to buy your foldable PV panel

You can get in on their website, but you may wanna check out these online retailers as well:

Portable Solar Panel - Nomad 7 by Goal Zero

Stay green and be safe!

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