Solar Panels Stolen? Do This Next Time - A Simple Trick To Discourage Thieves

Anti Theft System for Solar Panels
It happens. Solar panels get stolen.

Especially on remote greenfield sites or on industrial rooftop solar farms where there's not much happening over the weekend. If there's nobody around, it's easy for thieves to come and simply steal your PV panels.

So, if you're using Allen bolts (Inbus) to fasten the clamps that hold your panels, here's a simple trick you can do to make it harder for thieves:

Place a metal ball inside the head of each bolt

The metal sphere should fit tightly so you need to hammer it in. This way you make sure there's no possibility of unscrewing the bolt from its' place.

In order to steal panels, one would have to drill through the metal ball and bolt head - and that's a lot of work that would also make noise - none of which the bandits want, right?

Of course there are alarm systems, insurance schemes and what not but this is just a method that you can immediately use to discourage solar panels theft.

Be safe and cycle to work!

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