A Lightweight Solar Solution for Corrugated Rooftops - SolBond Mounting System Review

Solar Mounting System for Corrugated Rooftops - SolBond by Solon

There is always a battle between saving some cash and making things more strong.

So when you built your warehouse or roofed parking lot, you probably had to take a lot of decisions that affected your establishment for the long term - cost wise and functionality wise.

A stronger roof structure or a light frame?

If a lightweight roof got approved by the construction engineers, you probably went with it. But in the current context of the very lucrative rooftop solar farms installations - the roof type dictates what solar mounting system you can use for your green energy site.

Now, if your roof can't handle too much extra weight (apart from snow and wind pressure), you can build your solar park with the SolBond Rail mounting system by Solon - which keeps the weight of the system to a minimum.

Placing Pads for Solar Panels Rails

Drilling Fiber Glass Rails - SolBond Mounting System
Riveting the Rails - SolBond Solar Mounting System

  • Lightweight system (fiber glass rails, aluminum rivets, silicone, frame-less solar modules - no bolts, no heavy rails/frames)
  • High power density - up to 155 Wp/m² - more panels per square meter and no shade caused by the mounting system
  • Low cost for substructure materials (unlike other aluminum based systems)
  • Looks sexy once in place
  • Time consuming due to many operations (placing stickers, placing rails, drilling, riveting, placing more acrylic glue pads, adding silicone, 2 or 3 persons walking on the corrugated roof carrying each panel)
  • Weather dependent - the silicone can only be applied if the rail temperature is within certain values. Air humidity and temperature must also be taken into account. You can't work if it's too cold, you can't work if it's too humid.
  • Requires specialized equipment (silicone guns and rivet guns) but that's usually supplied by Solon.
  • Labor intensive - handling the panels requires at least two persons.
  • Pretentious - since the panels have no frame (to minimize weight), they're vulnerable to bending so everything needs to be done with extra care.
Berlin Solar Farm - SolBond Mounting System

Mounting Solar Panels with SolBond System by Solon

Solar Farm in Berlin with SolBond Mounting System by Solon


If warehouse owners in Berliner Grossmarkt (Germany) choose this system why wouldn't you choose it as well? Especially if your roof doesn't have too much of a margin for extra weight.

Yeah, it takes longer to install it but you wanna join the green energy players, don't you?

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