World's Largest Solar Farm Is in India

Worlds Largest Solar Farm in India

The world's largest solar farm is located in India: Charanka Solar Park - Kutch, Gujarat.

Check out the map location here.

  • 500 MW power by the end of 2014
  • 214 MW current operating capacity
  • Built on 3000 acres of wasteland
  • It will save 900,000 tonnes of coal and natural gas per year
  • It will reduce carbon dioxide emissions with 8 million tonnes

Largest Solar Park

India is ambitious when it comes to solar power and it seems that the Gujarat government wants to implement a solar rooftop policy.

We see again that this market grows or shrinks depending on government policies. However, if India starts a nation wide solar policy, then you'll definitely see a rise in the value of solar stocks.

Over to you

So the Indians made their solar farm on wasteland. That's a good use for barren land that was just sitting there.

But considering Germany is the biggest player in Europe, and they build a part of their solar sites on the ground - do you think that's a waste of agriculture space?

We're now producing tomatoes indoors and use fields to grow...electricity.

Source: Reuters

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