Free Energy and Perpetual Motion - Is It Even Possible? - Video

Da Vinci Wheel

The concepts of perpetual motion and free energy has been fascinating mankind since the beginning of time. And they still do. I know I'm interested. :-)

If you look online for answers, you'll find a school of thought (individuals mostly) who say it's possible to achieve perpetual motion. And some have made their own contraptions which seem to work.

Perpetual Motion - Overbalanced Wheel

Then there's the other crowd (who seem to know a lot more about physics) and they say this will never be possible due to certain physics laws.

Regarding the video below - there's a fan that actually blows into the cardboard wings. It looks cool but it's fake.

I'm usually the one who ignores laws coz I value experiments and drawing my own conclusions more than taking for granted what some kind of authority tells me. I wanna see things for myself and I normally question what I hear or read.

So while I'm still clueless about the possibility of obtaining free energy from such inventions I do wanna build my own overbalanced wheel. Just for kicks.

Meanwhile, here's a cool video that'll get your imagination going.

A variation of Da Vinci's wheel

Magnet Motor Experiment

Overbalanced Wheel

I actually thought I invented this. See my own drawings and rationale below. :-)

Over Balanced Wheel - Free Energy Speculation

Over to you
  • What do you think about free energy inventions?
  • Should we even consider these pursuits or should we concentrate on harnessing solar, wind and tidal energy instead?
  • Do you have to be crazy to think you can actually make a breakthrough? (yes that's a serious question) 

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