Don't Have Room for Two Cable Rails (DC and AC)? Use a Cable Tray Separator - Video

Cable Tray Separator and DC Cables

Sometimes the site conditions don't allow you place two cable trays. And you normally need two of them:
  • one for DC cables coming from the solar modules to the inverters
  • one for AC cables coming out of the inverters to the AC box and further into a main power line
What do you do then?

The solution is rather simple.

You can use a larger and deeper cable tray which you can then split longitudinally with a special separator. Both the separator and the clamps (that get attached to the cable rail) are available from OBO Bettermann:

You don't need any tools for this operation. It's all click and clack.

Now your direct current cables can run alongside with the alternating current ones, being neatly separated within the same cable tray.

Clamps for Cable Rail Separator
OBO Bettermann Clamps for Cable Rail Separators

Placing DC Solar Cables in Cable Tray
Separator for Cable Rails for AC and DC Cables
Solar Inverters - Junction Boxes - AC Box and Cable Rails

Cycle to work and stay green!

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