Cable Tray Solution for Solar Farms on Membrane Roofs

Cable Tray Solution for Membrane Roofs
If your warehouse, supermarket or factory has a membrane roof and you want to install a solar farm on it, you need a specific solution both for the modules as well as for the cable trays.

So here's an interesting solution to mount cable rails on membrane roofs.

How To Avoid Lightning Bolts on Your Solar Farm - Connecting Solar Panels and DC Cables The Right Way

Connecting Solar Panels
When connecting the solar modules, you should make sure you're not enclosing a polygon with the circuit (string).

Coz that creates an electromagnetic field which can attract lightning bolts. And we wanna avoid that, don't we?

Why Sustainability Is an Empty Word without Money

Sustainability and Money

Let's say you go shopping to your local supermarket.

You get there. You take a coin out of your wallet and you take your cart. You buy your stuff then you go out in the parking lot. You load the goods into your car trunk.

Then you take the cart back to its place and you take your 1 Euro coin back.

So what's this got to do with sustainability?

Don't Have Room for Two Cable Rails (DC and AC)? Use a Cable Tray Separator - Video

Cable Tray Separator and DC Cables

Sometimes the site conditions don't allow you place two cable trays. And you normally need two of them:
  • one for DC cables coming from the solar modules to the inverters
  • one for AC cables coming out of the inverters to the AC box and further into a main power line
What do you do then?

Wave Turbine Energy or How To Transform Wave's Motion Force into Green Electricity

Wave Turbine Energy
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Solar is only a part of the solution.

The funny thing is, even wave energy solutions make use of wind turbines. At least the Voith system.

So how do you produce electricity out of wave's motion force?