Solar Chimney Turbine - Renewable Energy Concept - Video

Solar Chimney Turbine - Renewable Energy Concept
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Renewable energy has to be the way of the future.

No fuels, no waste, no pollution. Just smart design and cutting edge engineering.

But no matter how far the technology goes, some green energy concepts have a beautiful simplicity. Like this solar chimney for instance.

A Lightweight Solar Solution for Corrugated Rooftops - SolBond Mounting System Review

Solar Mounting System for Corrugated Rooftops - SolBond by Solon

There is always a battle between saving some cash and making things more strong.

So when you built your warehouse or roofed parking lot, you probably had to take a lot of decisions that affected your establishment for the long term - cost wise and functionality wise.

A stronger roof structure or a light frame?

If a lightweight roof got approved by the construction engineers, you probably went with it. But in the current context of the very lucrative rooftop solar farms installations - the roof type dictates what solar mounting system you can use for your green energy site.

How To Store Renewable Energy and What To Do with an Abandoned Coal Mine - Video

Storing Renewable Energy

Since renewable energy is achieving more ground lately, one of the issues that appears is storing it.

Fossil fuels themselves are a form of stored energy so the only thing we need to do is extract them. Once we have them, storing it's not a problem.

Green energy on the other hand is different and most of the time it isn't stored. It's delivered right into the grid for immediate consumption.

But if you want to build a true energy independent household (or city) you have to store your renewable energy. And how do you do that?

Why Solar Cells Are More or Less Like Batteries and How To Connect The Cells

Solar Cells and Batteries - A Comparison
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If you want to build your own solar panel, consider the solar cells as being batteries, stacked on top of each other.

But of course, you cannot stack the cells. Doing that means only the first cell will get sunlight, thus the others won't produce electricity.

Why Gas Station Owners Should Consider Investing in Green Energy

Solar Gas Station
The guys who are selling us oil now, will be the same guys selling us green power in the following years.