How To Charge Your Phone with a Portable Solar Panel - Video

Camping Solar Panel

Yeah, photovoltaic panels can power your off-the-grid home. But they're not limited to that.

You can now carry a small and light a portable solar panel to charge your gadgets (iPhone, iPod, trekking GPS, camera, etc.) while on the go.

Green Energy Feed-In Tariff Explained and The Secret of Germany's Renewable Energy Success Story - Video

Solar Radiation Map for Germany

The secret to Germany's green energy success story lies in the Renewable Energy Act (2004) and the feed in tariff.

So what's with these tariffs?

They provide fixed prices determined by public authorities for a certain period, mostly 20 years, which is to be paid per kilo-watt-hour by electricity companies to producers of green electricity. (Source)

This means that if your solar site or wind farm produces energy that's fed into the national electricity grid, you are entitled to receive a certain price from the utility company which actually buys your energy and resells it to consumers.

Solar Power in Europe and The Ridiculous Difference Between Germany and The Rest

Solar Power in Europe

Is there going to be a solar market in Europe, now that Germany plans to cut subsidies for solar plants?

Looking at the charts below, we can come up with a short answer for the long term and that's yes. (pun intended)

What's McDreamy Doing in This Picture? Or How Patrick Dempsey Endorses Solar Energy and Trina Solar PV Manufacturer - Video

Patrick Dempsey and Trina Solar

Okay, maybe you don't watch Grey's Anatomy but maybe your wife or girlfriend does.

So you may recognize Patrick Dempsey (aka McDreamy) endorsing the solar energy solution and Trina Solar as a manufacturer of PV panels in the videos below.

Where Are The Largest Solar Farms in Europe

Rovigo Solar Plant in Italy

Well, does it even make sense to create a top of the largest solar farms in Europe?