Edison vs Tesla - Who's Your Favorite? - Video

Edison vs Tesla

While Tesla seems to have been a less understood genius, Thomas Edison was a brilliant inventor and a shrewd business person.

In order to protect his business, based on light bulbs and DC revamping units, Edison tried to mislead the world telling that AC (alternating current) was dangerous.

All this while the advantages of AC current were obvious, particularly its property to be transported long distances without loosing it's power. That's the very reason why on each solar farm it's important to convert the DC (generated by the PV modules) to AC before sending the current into the grid.

In other words, the shorter the distance DC travels until it reaches an inverter, the better. Edison would have built a chain power plants to deliver DC current to consumers but that just wasn't feasible. He eventually recognized the value of AC.

Different Ways to Invest in Green Energy that Your Probably Didn't Think About

Solar Panels and Wind Turbines

A few years ago I was talking with a Dutch entrepreneur who owns a CNC milling factory in Romania. He was manufacturing small pieces for the aeronautical industry. And here's what he said:

Pay attention to the green energy industry. In the future, you don't necessarily need to be a big player to make money. 

You can manufacture or distribute any piece that goes into a wind turbine or a solar panel (cables included). It doesn't matter how small or simple it may be.

Consider the electrical gear that is used both in solar and wind energy industries - inverters (and pieces that go inside them), data cables, connectors - and you've got yourself a large spectrum to choose from.

World's Largest Solar Farm Is in India

Worlds Largest Solar Farm in India

The world's largest solar farm is located in India: Charanka Solar Park - Kutch, Gujarat.

Check out the map location here.

Will Solar Stocks Make You Money? - Video

Invest in Solar Stocks

If you're looking to invest in solar stocks, here's a quick summary on the health of the market in it's current state - 2012.

By watching the Bloomberg video below you can tell a few things:

1. This is a market powered by govermnet subidies on both sides: supply and demand.

The manufacturers get money from the governments where their production facilities are located - China to be more specific. And demand (households and investors) gets money from their governments as an incentive to install solar panels.

Free Energy and Perpetual Motion - Is It Even Possible? - Video

Da Vinci Wheel

The concepts of perpetual motion and free energy has been fascinating mankind since the beginning of time. And they still do. I know I'm interested. :-)

If you look online for answers, you'll find a school of thought (individuals mostly) who say it's possible to achieve perpetual motion. And some have made their own contraptions which seem to work.

Perpetual Motion - Overbalanced Wheel

Then there's the other crowd (who seem to know a lot more about physics) and they say this will never be possible due to certain physics laws.