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Edison vs Tesla

While Tesla seems to have been a less understood genius, Thomas Edison was a brilliant inventor and a shrewd business person.

In order to protect his business, based on light bulbs and DC revamping units, Edison tried to mislead the world telling that AC (alternating current) was dangerous.

All this while the advantages of AC current were obvious, particularly its property to be transported long distances without loosing it's power. That's the very reason why on each solar farm it's important to convert the DC (generated by the PV modules) to AC before sending the current into the grid.

In other words, the shorter the distance DC travels until it reaches an inverter, the better. Edison would have built a chain power plants to deliver DC current to consumers but that just wasn't feasible. He eventually recognized the value of AC.

Who won?

I say both even though I believe Tesla was a better person and a true scientist. He was ahead of his time so he didn't get the true recognition and respect that he deserved. We owe Tesla more than we owe to Edison.

Edison started as an inventor but in the end he was in it for the money whereas Tesla wanted to raise the condition of mankind and deliver free electricity to everybody.

Most of his inventions and studies are still classified. So what does that tell you about the US government?

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